A Word…

As a frequent traveler, I treat travel as an art.  Like in my work, I am passionate about it.  The way I interact with the locals, eating foreign cuisines and visiting not only famous landmarks but also the natives’ favorite hangouts.

Travel is an adventure, a discipline.  From the moment I plan my trip, do my bookings, pack my bags, strive my way through the crowds in the airport, spending numerous hours on the plane or wobbling up and down the ocean, until I arrive to my destination and back.

Travel is a necessity.  Though it is not for everyone but I encourage all to try at least once in your lifetime.  I promise you, once you travel, you would like to do it again.  Then it becomes a lifestyle.

Travel is continuous learning.  I don’t consider myself as an expert traveler.  I research well ahead about the customs and traditions, dos and don’t s, transportation, native language (well, at least ‘hi’, ‘please’ and ‘thanks’) and even updates on airport security and the recent limitations.

Travel is sharing.  The stories and knowledge I share with the kids and other people are endless.  It inspires them and that inspires me.

I incorporate this into my work… I incorporate this into my life.

~ Mark Elwin

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